Meet The Team - Katie Lattimore- Rep 🖤

Hey, I'm Katie and I am part of the FORM7 Performance representative team!
Unlike most car enthusiasts who are very vocal about their opinions on cars, upgrades and styling, it was one of those hobbies that I used to keep close and hidden to myself, this was due to having no friends with the same interest of cars, so having no one to talk to about my love for them, I eventually started to look more into the car scene. The more people and clubs I spoke too, the more opportunities and reasons I found to become part of the UK car scene and eventually, I joined my first club which was Celica Club.
At the time I joined Celica Club , I had a Gen 6, 1.8 Celica ST. This was a brilliant car to have at the time due to it only being my second car, a massive upgrade from the Peugeot 207 I had. From that point on however, most of the cars I'd choose would be anything Japanese. Thanks to the Fast and Furious franchise, which honestly might be where I get my car addiction from in the first place. I grew up on those movies and seeing Brian’s Supras is what sold me to Japanese cars.
I ended up selling my old Celica for the next model up, a 2L GT. Sadly I’ve had a lot of issues with this car and currently it serves as a driveway ornament. I also have a little daily Yaris. I am looking into another project car, still Japanese but moving away from my love of Toyotas.
Nowadays, aside from representing FORM7 Performance, I also run the car club, East Side Jap, along side a small management team which is growing daily with every meet and show we attend!

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