Life is full of challenges and decisions, we make them every day. From what shirt to put on in the morning, to which route to take to work. They range of course in importance and the consequences of such actions range in severity. 

I first made the decision to enter into business when I was 14 years old, setting up a car washing and gardening company. Leafleting for hours upon end and quoting jobs at 14 must have been laughable for some people but somehow I managed to get business! 

Unlike most petrol heads, I didn't develop a passion for cars from a young age, in fact it was more the approach to being able to drive and fantasising over cars in that aspect which lead me down to what some of us would agree is a justifiable financial mistake. Years later I have built many cars and continued with business and kept them separate, I presume primarily as I didn't want to dull my passion for cars by working with them on a day to day basis. However much you love something things can get repetitive and boring of course. 

If you read my first blog post, you will know that the primary reason why I founded FORM7 Performance was because of a frustration over the delay of parts delivery in general but the heightened delays during the COVID-19 pandemic.Not only that but the UK car scene just felt to be lacking compared to the US, and has been lagging behind for some years now. If no-one was going to revolutionise and modernise the car scene here, I was going to be the one to do so. 

So there we go, that's the main reason. And although we may have just opened and working towards our launch seemingly a long way off our end vision, we know to take one step at a time and we can make the UK car scene the greatest in the world. 

There are like mentioned of course many other reasons, motivations and factors which drove me to set up the business. Like I said before, my love of cars makes working on a project like this fun and enjoyable. I hate leaving a problem unsolved, and I hate leaving something I know can be improved. I could bore you all for hours I'm sure! 

I want to leave you on this note if you have made it this far. Thank you for your support and make sure you "FIND YOUR FORM"™

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